General Rubbish Collection

What is general rubbish removal? 

General waste covers a wide range of products. One of the most common identifiers of general waste, is if it can be recycled. Some plastics are not recyclable, or they may be too dirty to be recycled properly. General waste collection is usually combined with recycling collection, so you can be rest assured that all your waste is disposed of correctly.  

What items can be removed? 


It doesn’t matter what electrics or electronics you need removed; Bow Waste Removal can help. Large Waste Removal products, such as fridges and freezers, have to be disposed of in a certain way. You want to know the rubbish clearance company you use will adhere to these rules. Some electrical goods can only be part recycled, which is why it is best to use local rubbish collection services.  


Have you recently had to remove tenants from a property? Has a family home become full of rubbish? Do you need a full clear out of your garage? Due to the health risks that can arise from keeping food waste for long periods of time, and how it could attract rodents, you will need to act fast. Our cheap rubbish collection services will give you your home back.  

Why choose waste disposal services over getting a skip or doing it yourself? 

Time saver 

Depending on your living situation, you may not be able to get a skip outside your home. The alternative some choose, is to make several trips to the local waste removal centre. If you are looking for a complete rubbish clearance, this could span across multiple days or weekends. Bow Waste Removal offer a flexible service, and our rubbish clearance prices are based on a percentage of space used up on the lorry. if you are looking for a “rubbish clearance near me”, that offers a quick turnaround, then Bow Waste Removal is the solution for you.  

No manual labour 

Although most general waste is not going to be too heavy, you may have a lot of rubbish to sort through. A spring fresh cleaning to get your home sparkling can require disposing of possessions that are awkward to carry. Bow Waste Removal use a Man with a Van approach, utilising a two-person system for collecting waste and effortless trash removal. 

No stress 

Just getting started can be a mental hurdle, sometimes it is hard to even know where to start. Bow Waste Removal’s rubbish clearance services will enable you to get the hard part over, so you can get back to your normal day to day life. As a local rubbish clearance company, we know how important to take back control of your home! Removals can be worked around your schedule, so get in touch for more information.  

Why choose Bow Waste Removal? 

Bow Waste Removal starts with the most important part of any business, the customer. Working around what you need, from home to curbside; curbside to the waste management facility. For this reason, we can offer 24/7 service that won’t hurt your pocket. It’s best to reach out directly to get a no obligation quote and find a suitable time. Why wait? Contact us today! 


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