Bed and Mattress Removal

Mattresses, particularly double and king size options, can be heavy and cumbersome items to try and move. If you’re getting rid of your mattress it can be difficult to know how to dispose of it safely and legally.

A professional mattress removal service makes it easy to dispose of your old mattress or relocate it to your new home with the minimum of fuss.

Time to change your mattress

For a good night’s sleep and to ensure we receive proper support we’re advised to change our mattress every six or seven years. Many people keep their mattresses for a lot longer because they’re not sure how to move and dispose of them properly.

Mattress removal services make changing your mattress simple. Whether you’re moving house, upgrading your bed, or just replacing an old mattress, a mattress removal service makes it easy to change your mattress regularly.

Don’t struggle with an old mattress

There’s no escaping the fact that mattresses can be cumbersome and difficult to move. The larger the mattress, the more challenging it can be. You might have to negotiate stairs, and the problems are multiplied if you live in a block of flats. Trying to carry a mattress down several flights of stairs is not something that many people would choose to do. Even when you’ve got the mattress to ground level you then have to consider how you’re going to transport it.

All kinds of mattresses can be difficult to fit into a standard car and few families have a van. If your old mattress is a solid box-spring style mattress, then it’s even more of a challenge trying to squeeze it into a vehicle.

Professional mattress removal services take the hassle out of disposing of an old mattress.

Why you should use a professional mattress removal service

A professional mattress removal service is an affordable and easy way to dispose of an old mattress safely and legally. We take care of the heavy lifting, safely negotiating any tight corners or flights of stairs. We will then transport your mattress in a van to the local recycling centre for disposal, or to a local charity or other organisation that has agreed to take your mattress.

Beds and mattresses can only really be transported by large vans which need to have a commercial licence to dispose of waste at local authority recycling centres. Your professional waste removal provider will be fully licenced to dispose of waste at your local centre.

Your local mattress removal company

Bow Waste Removal is your trusted local mattress removal service. We offer a quick and affordable same day service, and our friendly two-man teams can quickly take care of your unwanted mattress.

As fully licensed waste carriers we dispose of your mattress legally and responsibly. We also have full public liability insurance.

Call 020 7118 1711 or contact us online to make a booking.



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