Hoarder Clearance

Hoarder House Clearance

Hoarders easily forget how clutter can pile on in their homes. By the time they notice the result of their hoarding habits, it’s usually too much to handle. This, of course, can lead to problems in their personal and social lives.

Even though it may seem like a trivial problem, it is a matter that requires a viable solution. This is where they need to use our hoarder house clearance service to break this cycle and make a fresh start.

What Is Hoarding & Who’s a Hoarder?

According to the NHS, hoarding is “where someone acquires an excessive number of items and stores them in a chaotic manner, usually resulting in unmanageable amounts of clutter.”

A hoarder is anyone who hoards; they may be an obsessive collector of certain things, or their hoarding issues may involve an excessive amount of everyday items in their home, such as furniture, decorations, junk, and even old newspapers and other objects.

Everyone is somewhat prone to hoarding, as it can be difficult to part with things that have been so useful to us that we need for a rainy day or are associated with happy memories.

How Can it Be An Issue & What’s the Solution?

Extreme hoarding comes at a price. It can aggravate health conditions, put severe pressure on the hoarder and other close relatives, and even pose a fire hazard in the home.

In addition, in the United Kingdom, local authorities may be notified if the condition causes concern to other residents or threatens the public’s well-being.

Hoarders can experience feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and shame, which can start a cycle that is difficult to break.

Why You Need to Do Hoarder House Clearance with Respect

Although it is easy to assume that hoarders are either quirky or driven by an urge to hoard things, the majority of them suffer from hoarding disorder, which can have deeper roots such as depression, dementia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and other factors.

Hoarders gather and “keep” an excessive amount of stuff, frequently things that most people consider rubbish, such as worn-out clothes, damaged appliances, and huge piles of old magazines and papers.

This can impact their standard of living and pose a risk because the clutter interferes with daily activities. Most hoarders (and their families as well) are reluctant to seek help because they are afraid or embarrassed to discuss their condition. Therefore, it’s critical to approach the situation delicately and recognize that hoarding – not the person – is the problem.

How can Bow Waste Help With Hoarder House Clearance?

When dealing with our customers, at Bow Waste, we offer a discreet and affordable same day service since we know that clearing out a hoarded home can be a very painful process for an individual.

In addition to giving you a free estimate before we get to work, we also only charge for the space you need in our vehicles, saving you from hidden fees! So, just get in touch as we’re only a phone call away!

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