Bereavement House Clearance

Why would you hire a company for a bereavement house clearance?

The death of a loved one affects all of us differently, there is no one way to grieve. When someone passes, there is a lot to take care of. For most, the house clearance after a death is the last thing on their mind. The issue is that this has to be done, in some instances as soon as possible. Some people see a bereavement house clearance as part of the grieving process, where others cannot bare to see the possessions that remind them of their loved one. A professional bereavement house clearance service is designed to be quick and timely, as there can be tight time frames to have the deceased estate’s furniture removal completed.

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Why is a house clearance after death important?


When someone dies, their estate has to be settled. This can involve delegating assets and money to beneficiaries, or it can be the liquidation of those assets to cover costs like debts. Probate is a complicated process that can be a legal requirement, especially in the absence of a will. If the home needs to be sold through probate, then you will need to clear the home.

New tenants

Bereavement can be painful, and you may want the World to just stop for a moment so you can process it. Sadly, life carries on, and landlords will want to find new tenants. As you need a timely bereavement house clearance, and it may be too painful for you to do, you can use a professional for your house clearance after death.

It needs to be done eventually

Even if you don’t need to sell the property, get it ready for a new tenant, or go through probate, it still needs to be done. The longer a house clearance after death is left, the harder it becomes to do it. With the Areas We Cover; we can come in to almost any housing situation and help you start the grieving process.

Why is it important to find a professional bereavement house clearance company you can trust?

This is a sensitive time for you, and it is important that this situation is dealt with appropriately and with care. You want to know that your deceased estate furniture removal is dealt with respect. If you can’t trust the professional cleaning company, then you won’t use them. Offering just a service is not as important as treating each other like humans. Bow Waste Removal focus on the people side of any project, you already know what we do, we want you to feel like we were respectful.

Why use Bow Waste Removal?

Each person’s journey is different; there are many Areas We Cover in professional cleaning, and this effects each journey differently. Bow Waste Removal are determined to make the process as painless as possible, so you can focus on grieving. Contact Us today, so we can get you back to doing the things that are really important, like planning the perfect funeral for your loved one.


How we work:

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Give us a call today by giving us a call on 020 7118 1711 , or you can always drop us a message.

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